Urban Road Warrior Emergency Preparedness Auto Survival Kit

Road Warrior - Urban Automobile Kit

Road Warrior - Urban Automobile Kit Rating:
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Product Description

This kit fits most all road emergency situations. All items are packed in a heavy-duty backpack. Kit contains: 30 minute High-Intensity Light Stick - Tow Rope, Auto Spot Light - Jumper Cables - First Aid Kit - Flashlight with Batteries - Fire Extinguisher - Solar Blanket - Waterproof Poncho - Swiss Style Army Knife - Flat Tire Fixer - Drinking Water - Leather Glvoes - Whistle - Duct Tape - Utility Knife - Emergency Instructions - Help Sign - Wet Nap, Reflecting Triangle


  • Automobile Safety Kit!

Road Warrior - Urban Automobile Kit out of 5 based on ratings.
Survival Equipment $119.52

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